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  • About the Radicalendar

    The Radicalendar is a web-based, multi-group calendar system developed for use by activist organizations to promote organized events and gatherings. I've tried to maintain a simple, clear interface without too much clutter, but also flexible enough to ... (More)

  • Requesting a calendar

    If you're interested in obtaining a group listing contact the webmaster. Indicate the following information: some background on who you are, and who your audience will be full n... (More)

  • Integrating with your site

    The Radicalendar was designed to integrate seamlessly with the dadaIMC codebase. For those web sites not using dadaIMC, there are 2 possibilities for integration: All group calendars are published in iCalendar (RFC 2445) format. There exist f... (More)

  • Printing help

    The Radicalendar uses print-version stylesheets to implement nice printing. You cannot view the "printable" version of the calendar in your browser, but it was designed to print nicely. When in "Month View", using your browser's PRINT function will outp... (More)

  • Terms of Service

    The Radicalendar was designed to facilitate information about events of interest to the conscientious and active members of a community vaguely described as "activist", or at least "socially conscious". The managers of the Radicalendar do not support t... (More)

  • Translators Needed!

    Localization of the Radicalendar Translators needed! See below! Method The Radicalendar has been completely rewritten to support full internationalization. After investigating a number of different... (More)

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