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Requesting a calendar

If you're interested in obtaining a group listing contact the webmaster. Indicate the following information:

  • some background on who you are, and who your audience will be
  • full name of group or organization you wish to provide a calendar for
  • shortname of group for use in URLs (e.g., nice abbreviation, no spaces)
  • brief description of the calendar's purpose (one paragraph)
  • email address for moderation-related email to be sent
  • URL for your group's home page
  • type of calendar
    • Public/Unmoderated (totally open posting)
    • Public/Moderated (public can post, but moderator must approve)
    • Private/Moderated (only moderator can post events)

Moderation privileges are be granted to one or more User accounts, so please establish an account on the Radicalendar site, and inform the webmaster of your need to have moderation privileges for your group calendar.

The right to set up a group calendar is at the sole discretion of the webmaster, and may be revoked at any time without prior notification if the content or usage of the calendar is believed to be reprehensible or inappropriate. Although extremely tolerant, the maintainer of the Radicalendar will nonetheless not hesitate to remove privileges of the site when appropriate.


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