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Integrating with your site

The Radicalendar was designed to integrate seamlessly with the dadaIMC codebase. For those web sites not using dadaIMC, there are 2 possibilities for integration:

  1. All group calendars are published in iCalendar (RFC 2445) format. There exist freeware programs like "PHP iCalendar" that allow arbitrary websites to display iCalendar-format files. So you can simply download the iCalendar file for your calendar (from the "Subscribe" link in the sidebar), and use PHP iCalendar to display the information.
  2. The Radicalendar has an XML-RPC interface designed to allow website to request calendar listings for a single day or the current week. There are 2 PHP files (an XML-RPC class file, and an output file) that can be included on any site that supports PHP. These will allow you to display the current week's events in listing format. If you are interested in using this method, contact webmaster*radicalendar.org and request the PHP files.


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