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About the Radicalendar

The Radicalendar is a web-based, multi-group calendar system developed for use by activist organizations to promote organized events and gatherings. I've tried to maintain a simple, clear interface without too much clutter, but also flexible enough to allow a modicum of personalisation. Basic features of the site:

  • Month View. Events of the month at a glance. Nicely presented in monthly calendar format. Navigation arrows and a popup interface allow you to switch to another month with ease.
  • Day View. A running list of the events posted for any given day. Mini-calendar view allows you to quickly jump to any day in the next two months.
  • My Calendar. Your own personal list of saved events. An easy way to remind yourself of only those events you've selected as interesting. Cookies allow you computer to "remember" your saved list when you return to the Radicalendar, so be sure your browser is set to accept cookies.
  • Notification. The Radicalendar was designed with a built-in notification system. If you select to be notified of an event, you will be prompted for your email address, and the Radicalendar will send you email two (2) days prior to the event to remind you. The event will also be added to your "My Calendar" section.
  • Searching. Quick search for an event by any word or words in the title or description, or use the advanced search to restrict your query by date, category, or group.
  • Filtering. Any calendar view can "filter" on a certain category, restricting the display to only those events falling within a certain category.
  • Group views. Since the calendar is capable of supporting many different groups or organizations, you can easily switch between three major views:
    • All groups. View the entire calendar.
    • Single Group. View only the calendar of a particular group.
    • Meta-Group. View the calendars of several groups, combined into a meta-group, e.g. "Baltimore Area" for a number of organizations in the Baltimore area. See the Groups page for a listing of all the groups.
  • Administration. Adding an event is an easy process, and anyone is able to submit for approval an entry to any group in the calendar. An administrator for each group reviews submissions and approves or rejects them according to their own criteria.

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