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  February 2019  
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Contains: Austin IMC, Austria IMC, Baltimore IMC, Big Muddy IMC, Binghamton Independent Media Center, Boston IMC, CMI Brasil, CMI Chiapas, CMI La Plana, Colorado IMC, Indymedia Estrecho/Madiaq, IMC Canarias, IMC Norway, IMC-Adelaide, Indymedia Barcelona, Indymedia Euskal Herria, Indymedia Scotland, Israel IMC, Japan Indymedia, Kansas City IMC, Las Vegas Independent Media Center, National (US), New Hampshire IMC, Omaha IMC, Rochester IMC, Saint Louis IMC, San Diego IMC, Santa Barbara IMC, Tallahassee-RedHills IMC, Tampa Bay Indymedia, Tennessee Independent Media Center, Thunder Bay IMC, Twincities IMC, Western Massachusetts IMC

Baltimore Area

Email: webmaster-AT-radicalendar.org

A meta-group of organizations in the Baltimore area.

Contains: Baltimore, Baltimore IMC, Red Emma's

Northeastern US

Collection of group calendars from the Northeastern US states

Contains: Baltimore, Baltimore IMC, Boston IMC, New Hampshire IMC, Red Emma's, Rochester IMC, Western Mass Collective, Western Massachusetts IMC



Austin IMC


Email: fing-AT-speer.geo.utexas.edu

The purpose of the Austin IMC Calendar is to help Austin and Texas progressives and radicals stay abreast of current events, as well as to keep track of what other groups are planning so as to avoid scheduling conflicts. Public meetings, lectures, films, protests, rallies, marches, and other events of interest to the radical and progressive community of Texas can be posted for the benefit of all.

Austria IMC


Email: austria-AT-indymedia.org

Calendar for the Austrian branch of Indymedia


Email: cdadamo-AT-charm.net

Open publishing forum for events in the Baltimore area. This group is not moderated, and events are posted immediately. Events are nonetheless subject to the site Terms of Service found here.

Baltimore IMC


Email: editors-AT-baltimoreimc.org

Baltimore joins the ranks of many other cities and countries in establishing the Baltimore Independent Media center. Part of the IndyMedia Network.

Big Muddy IMC


Email: treesong-AT-treesong.org

We are an Independent Media Center serving all of Southern Illinois. Our media space is located in Carbondale, a town of about 25,000 people that is also home to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. However, we are an IMC for the entire region -- which, outside of Carbondale, consists primarily of smaller towns, rural areas, and our beloved Shawnee National Forest.

Binghamton Independent Media Center


Email: modocpress-AT-yahoo.com

This community calendar aims to supplement the Binghamton-IMC Weekly Newsletter in an effort to improve coordination of outreach and events within the extensive network of progressive groups in the Greater Binghamton area.

Boston IMC


Email: imc-boston-office-AT-indymedia.org

This calendar an open-publishing posting of events of all kinds happening within the city of Boston, MA and its surrounding communities.

Campus Progressive Network


Email: ktaylor-AT-stu.wccnet.edu

The purpose of the Campus Progressive Network is to organize for dialogue and unity of action among anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, labor, feminist, gay/lesbian, and other progressive campus and community groups. By encouraging solidarity and theoretical cohesion among these diverse groups, we hope to deepen and expand political culture in the Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor community, and strengthen our activism. Currently, our overwhelming focus remains on stopping the illegal and most inhumane occupation of Iraq. We are committed to building a strong, effective local anti-war movement as long as imperialist are committed to warmongering.

CMI Brasil


Email: contato-AT-midiaindependente.org

Calendário do Centro de Mídia Independente - Brasil.

CMI Chiapas


Email: calendario-AT-mediosindependientes.org

Calendario del Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas

CMI La Plana


Email: imc-laplana-AT-lists.indymedia.org

Information regarding events related to the IMC in La Plana

Colorado IMC


Email: rm-AT-indymedia.org

The Colorado IMC Calendar is for posting public Colorado events of social, political, community interest that meet the posting policy of the Colorado IMC.

Community Activation Network


Email: communityact-AT-gmail.com

The Community Activation Network (CAN) is a virally spreading non-hierarchically organized movement actualizing values of self-liberation, self-determination, and empowerment in the grand project of anti-oppression. CAN plants seeds of resistance wherever it can, and attempts to expand the capacity and will of the oppressed to fight systemic oppression on their own terms.

Español público

Public group for posting Spanish-language events

Grupo de Intervenção Revolucionário


Email: gir-AT-netcabo.pt

Our group is mostly web based. We organize on the web, trying to make people on the web wake up and act on the streets. We also support other groups actions and we create our own actions on the web.

IMC Canarias


Email: summermute-AT-hotpop.com

El calendario se usa para ayudarnos a coordinar todas las manifestaciones y actividades que se organizan en las Islas Canarias. Esperamos que esto se convierta en un punto de confluencia donde la gente pueda informar e informarse.

IMC Norway


Email: j-AT-indymedia.no

To inform activists and other visitors of Indymedia Norway about radical events in Norway.



Email: pastamakesyoufasta-AT-gmail.com

Provide networking tool for independent activists in the Adelaide area

Indymedia Barcelona


Email: matze@indymedia.org, monica@dunetna.net, <salhaun-AT-phreaker.net>

Calendari de Indymedia Barcelona

Indymedia Estrecho/Madiaq


Email: lot-AT-no-log.org

Agenda del nodo de Indymedia Estrecho/Madiaq

Indymedia Euskal Herria


Email: ga-AT-kutxa.homeunix.org

Euskal Herriko ekitaldiak

Indymedia Scotland


Email: editors-AT-imcscotland.org

Notices of events concerning grassroots action and campaigns for social and environmental justice in Scotland.

Israel IMC


Email: tech-AT-israel.indymedia.org

Calendar for Israel Indymedia

Japan Indymedia


Email: paul-AT-tokyoprogressive.org,peco-AT-rootless.org

To keep users in Japan and aboraod aware of one another's actions and activities in order to build alliances with like-minded people and help further progressive activism

Kansas City IMC


Email: sadams7-AT-kc.rr.com

Progressive activists in Kansas City and related areas

Las Vegas Independent Media Center


Email: lvimc-AT-yahoo.com

This is the Las Vegas Independent Media Center activist and event calendar for the Las Vegas metropolitan area. We encourage everyone to post meetings, actions, events, benefit shows, art showings, and other information to the calendar.

National (US)

Email: webmaster-AT-radicalendar.org

Events on a national scale, attracting people from all over the US to any location in the United States

New Hampshire IMC


Email: nhimc-AT-nhindymedia.org

Calendar for the New Hampshire IMC and related events

Omaha IMC


Email: omahaimc-AT-riseup.net

We want to provide a calendar open to the public to post events in the Omaha area

Red Emma's


Email: john-AT-manifestor.org

Events taking place at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse in Baltimore

Rochester IMC


Email: calendar-AT-rochesterimc.org

To display progressive events in the rochester, NY area. Calendar used by a number of groupd and will be syndicated on a few sites including rochester.indymedia.org poorpeopleunited.org and rcan.org

Saint Louis IMC


Email: tech-AT-stlimc.org

St. Louis Indy Media Center is dedicated to covering those topics neglected or ignored by mainstream news outlets.

San Diego IMC


Email: snapp_cook@yahoo.com, <teconleche4ever-AT-hotmail.com>

We are the San Diego Indpendent Media Center. We began in 2001 before a protest against the FTAA at the US/Mexico Border. The purpose of this calendar is to inform people in the San Diego Region of Media Activism Events. This Calendar focuses on activities and workshop of the San Diego Indpendent Media Center. This Calendar provides a space for activists, artists, and musicians to publish events related to DIY, Indpendent publishing/production, and anti-globalization/corporatiztion. The third purpose of this calendar is to inform community members about events and meetings scheduled at the K Street Space (2552 K Street, San Diego, CA).

Santa Barbara IMC


Email: fraugefahr-AT-hotmail.com,markdavid-AT-mdhosale.com

The calendar's purpose is to serve as a community resource where people can post upcoming events and meetings. It is a way for local groups and people to see what is happening in our community and an inexpensive means of getting the word out about events and meetings in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara IMC will also post their events and meetings on this calendar.

Tallahassee-RedHills IMC


Email: dubravko-AT-kakarigi.net

The purpose of the calendar is to provide a vehicle for local organizations, including the Tally-IMC to facilitate the scheduling and promotion aspects of events management.

Tampa Bay Indymedia


Email: feedback-AT-tampaindymedia.org

Tampa Bay IndyMedia is a grassroots news source with an open publishing format. Our audience will be the Central Florida activist community.

Tennessee Independent Media Center


Email: christopher_lugo-AT-yahoo.com

A calendar of progressive events and activities in Tennessee.

Thunder Bay IMC


Email: ogieoglethorpe-AT-riseup.net

thunder bay imc has been in existence since around october of 2001. we provide an alternative news source, resource centre and free meeting space for the common folk and activist groups of thunder bay. we also encompass the surrounding region of northwestern ontario in our focus of coverage. the radicalendar will be used to facilitate information sharing for upcoming events for our organization, other community orgs as well as individuals who are out there working for the forces of good.

Tompkins County (NY) Swarm


Email: truthisonepathsaremany@yahoo.com, <ljholzbaur-AT-yahoo.com,nsoolie-AT-yahoo.com>

Welcome to the website of Tompkins County (NY) Swarm. TC Swarm is a loose collective of activist groups and individuals in Tompkins County that are working for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice and a world free of violence.

Twincities IMC


Email: stephen-AT-eisenmenger.us

To be used by the IMC to list events of both IMC related meetings and upcoming protests/events and so forth used by the people who frequent the site. Ideally it will help to unite the various groups in the twincities that use IMC resources and increase IMC relevance in the community.

UK Local Social Fora

Email: k.gillan-AT-shef.ac.uk

This calendar is intended for use by those involved with, or interested in becoming involved with, local social fora across the UK. It should therefore show local, regional and national events of note, as well as routine weekly meetings in cities around the country. Where relevant, international meetings of local social forum activists should also be added.

Western Mass Collective

Email: jpl-AT-indymedia.org

Collective calendar for Western Massachussetts

Western Massachusetts IMC


Email: imc-wmass-editorial-AT-wmass-lists.indymedia.org

We are the Western Massachusetts Independent Media Center. This calendar provides information on a broad array of local events. These events are not limited to a specifically defined subset but include all those in any way related to the overarching Western Mass IMC Mission Statement.


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