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  June 2009  
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Constituting Violence Book הספר אלימות מכוננת

Wednesday, 03 June 2009
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

הוצאת רסלינג מוציאה לאור את ספר התערוכה "אלימות מכוננת 1947-1950" שננעלת בזוכרות בעוד שבוע. אריאלה אזולאי, אוצרת התערוכה, תרצה ביום רביעי 3/6/2009 בשעה 21:00 את תפיסת הצילום שעומדת מאחורי הספר, שיושק בערב זה. פרטים בהזמנה המצורפת.

An evening at Zochrot in honor of Ariella Azoulay’s new book, published by Resling:

Constituting Violence 1947-1950

A visual geneology of a regime and “A catastrophe from their point of view”

Wednesday, 3.6.2009, at 9 PM

Ariella Azoulay will discuss the possibilities and limitations of photography, and why it is essential to go beyond them. Azoulay will present the theoretical background to the exhibit, with reference to some of the photographs displayed, and to others which are not shown.

The book presents a new perspective on four crucial years in the history of Palestine/ Israel, through a reading of some 200 photographs.

It rejects the national perspective that analyzes what took place here during those years. It reconstructs the process by which a Jewish regime was formed by destroying Palestinian society through killing, division, dispossession, expulsion and preventing the return of those expelled, and by the creation of an antagonistic separation between Jews and Arabs as an instrument of rule over both populations.

The evening in honor of the book’s publication takes place against the background of the “Nakba Law,” which will be submitted next week to the Knesset. Zochrot invites the public to attend this meeting, in order to protest the draft legislation, to learn and to remember what the law will soon require us to forget.

The Nakba Law is a symptom of the crisis in the ongoing policy of the Israeli regime to erase evidence and educate for ignorance, to deny the injustices of the past and their consequences for the present and the future. Passage of the law will increase the numbers of those who understand the lie reflected in the phrase “a democratic Jewish state,” and the fact that research on the nakba and the memory of it concerns not only Palestinians, but Jewish Israelis as well. It isn’t enough to join the fight against passage of the law, and for the Supreme Court to invalidate it – that would be sufficient for those looking for a reason to celebrate “democracy’s triumph.” The nakba must be studied and taught.

Azoulay’s lecture is the culmination of a series of eight meetings in which researchers discussed the exhibit, and brings the exhibit to a close.



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